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by Wet Plastic Panty Girl

I hope you'll all forgive me for not wanting to be named, but I work as a receptionist in a high profile public company and don't dare let anyone know I'm just as perverted as others I know through the internet.  So for the benefit of this story I'm calling myself Wet Plastic Panty Girl.  As you've no doubt realised by now my main fetish is wetting in plastic panties,  I've enjoyed wetting my panties since I was about nineteen or twenty and that was through seeing a girl wet herself and wondered how it felt.  I don't know if she wet herself accidentally or deliberately, but whichever it was I know I really loved the feeling when I tried it the first time.

I'll begin by saying I'm a female in my mid 30's and I've had a fetish for plastic panties for a few years, I can't honestly remember how or when I began wearing them myself; but it was through seeing some pictures posted on the internet on one of the groups I belonged to a few years ago by a guy named Terry (group has since been deleted).  Wow! How he could fill a pair of plastic panties, I don't think I'd seen as much pee in a pair of panties as he did on those few pics.  I emailed him shortly after I saw them, and we've kept in fairly regular contact ever since.  I hasten to add that I've never met him, and probably never will which is a pity.  Although I was born in the UK (Newcastle) my parents and I moved to France when I was just eleven years old and consequently I still live in France.  So near and yet so far from the UK.

It was through my fairly regular emails with him that he told me that he was working on this 'wetting' website, so I asked if it might be possible to relate one of my better experiences as as story.  I was so pleased he said it was no problem and it would be great to have another story on the site.  I've never written anything like this before, so the following is my recollection of a day out where I was determined to try to fill a pair of plastic panties as full as I could.

I set out one day last summer with nothing much in mind apart from trying to pee as much as I could in a pair of plastic panties without them leaking too much.  I knew that the pure movement of walking would probably cause them to leak slightly, and even more so if I tried to sit down in them.  I was parepared for a certain amount of leakage, and to be honest I love the feeling of pee dribbling down my legs anytime so I'd enjoy whatever happened that day.  First things first, I made sure I had some plastic sheeting with me in the car, so that if I wanted to cover the seats at anytime I could.  I wasn't really intending to sit in the car with pee in my plastic panties, and hoping that by the time I got back from my intended walk I'd have got rid of most of the pee and in the heat of the day I'd dry out to a certain extent.  Thank goodness for the hot days in the southern part of France...

...I knew that the first part of my day would be fairly mundane and the drive to the area I was heading for would take over an hour, so I didn't drink a lot before leaving home, but made sure I took plenty to drink with me.  I had no real plans on how long I'd be out for or even how many times I'd pee in my panties, but I did intend filling them as much as possible.  Somehow I wanted to fill them as much as I'd seen in the photos posted by Terry (sorry, name dropping again).

I didn't want anyone who may see me as wearing plastic panties, so chose a fairly full skirt which reached just below knee length. That way I was confident in that whatever I did, even if I sat down or bent over slightly nothing would show.  This was also going to be the first time I'd worn plastic panties outdoors to wet myself in, so I was a little nervous about everything.

My drive to where I intended to park the car went smoothly enough and I made quite good time, although I wasn't intending to keep track of the time in that respect.   I sat in the car for a few minutes not only contemplating my walk, but also to drink enough so that I'd be able to pee within a reasonable time.  I also made sure I had another two bottles of water in my back-pack apart from the one I'd been drinking from now.  It was already getting quite hot by the time I began my walk, so I'd have to drink plenty anyway to prevent any dehydration.  Although the area I was in was fairly well populated, I was hoping that at the time of day I was there not many would be out and about.

I'd been walking for some time before I felt any need to pee, but I was definitely looking forward to filling my plastic panties with some nice pee.  I wasn't wearing anything under my plastic panties, so there was nothing for any pee to soak into which meant that providing not much leaked out then I should have quite a nice puddle in them before too long.  I didn't have long to wait before I felt that lovely flood of water cascading into the crotch of my panties - it felt so good.  I don't quite know how much I'd peed into them and I wasn't going to lift my skirt to take a look at this point of my walk just in case someone should come along.  It felt quite a lot, but I know that can be deceiving when you're walking with pee in your panties.  For a while nothing leaked out at all, which gave me the impression that the amount I'd peed hadn't filled above the level of the crotch which droops between the legs.

I wanted to get them more full than that anyway, so took another drink whilst walking.  It seemed a long time before I needed to pee again, but I don't suppose it could have been much more than maybe forty ot fifty minutes.  I wasn't wearing a watch, because I didn't want to keep looking at how time was passing, or thinking about retrurning back to the car to get home.  I was in no hurry and it wouldn't make any difference what time I got home, the main thing was to get back to my car before it really got dark.  The pathway I was on was safe, but at night it would be so easy to miss a turning or lose any sense of direction.  I suppose I should have taken a small torch with me, but it hadn't crossed my mind when I began planning my day.  Anyway, I digress;  I'd soon peed a second time into my panties, and now I could feel them quite full and also getting heavier which meant there was quite a lot of pee in them now.  As I continued walking, I could feel the odd little dribble of pee run down my legs.  I was only aware of it because it felt so cool as it trickled down my legs in comparison to the heat of the day I was walking in.  I wasn't sure any went into my shoes, but if it had I wasn't worried: I often got pee into my shoes when at home so to walk around with wet feet was quite common for me.

I carried on drinking, walking and peeing for some considerable time and by now my panties felt lovely and full - almost to the point of wondering if the weight of pee in them would pull them down.  I managed to take a look at them a couple of times during my walk and I was inwardly quite pleased with the result I could see.  They were definitely a lot fuller than I'd got them at home or anytime in the past.  My only regret was not having a camera with me to be able to get any photos.  That was something else which had slipped my mind in the planning of my walk.

By now I was beginning to feel quite tired and I must have walked a few miles, so decided it was time to turn around and make my way back to the car.  I could definitely do with a sit down, I'd been walking almost non stop from the time I got out of the car earlier in the day.  I could see by the angle of the sun that it was getting to being mid afternoon if not a little later and I still had some time before I'd be back at my car.  My panties were still quite full because I could feel the pee sloshing around in them with every step I took.  I had to get some of the pee out before I got to close to where I'd left my car, but at the moment I was quite happy to walk in pee filled panties. 

I found a convenient boulder next to the pathway where I could sit for a short while, and knew that by sitting a lot of the pee would leak out from my plastic panties.  I carefully lifted the back of my skirt before I sat down so that I wouldn't get it wet at the back and sat down.  Almost immediately a small flood of pee came out of the elastic around the legs and I could not only feel it running down my legs but see it as well.  I actually left quite a puddle on the ground by the boulder when I stood up, but at least it would dry quite quickly in the sun (or what was left of it that day).  Thankfully I didn't need to pee again before I got back to the car and after putting the plastic on the seat just in case there was a little more pee in my panties drove home.  By the time I got home I was quite desperate to pee again, so once I'd parked up in the small garage beside the house and locked the door - promptly filled my plastic panties again before going indoors.  What a lovely way to finish what had been a great day anyway.