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 Me and Plastic Pants


How I got into Plastic Pants


By Plasticmad Daz

Note From Plasticmad Daz

I have named myself Plasticmad Daz as I don't want anyone knowing who I am, only Terry Panties and Sissy Sue Know what my real name is and they will never tell..

I understand if anyone doesn't want to use their real names so if you have a nickname that you like to use, then I will use it. please also bear in mind that if you did tell me your real name, I will not tell anyone else or call your real name out in public, your real name(s) are my secret to me and I will never tell...


Heres my Story of how I got into plastic pants and nappies.

When I was a kid, my mum put plastic pants on me. but when I got older, I stopped using them. age the of 16 I wanted to start wearing them again, so I went
and brought a pair of plastic pants, ever since then I have been wearing plastic pants.

at the age 29 I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma in December 2009, I had my chemo in 2010, and I am in the clear, but ever since I finished my chemo I
have had problems, so I  now have to wear nappies and plastic pants all the time.

but I would of worn them for the pleasure,

now at the age 30 and wearing plastic pants and nappies 24/7, mostly for medical reasons, but i love them both either with each other or on there own, its wonderful.

the first time i went out in them(this is before i was diagnosed with cancer) i went to a party which is was a plastic party costume party.

the party was a wear anything plastic, EG plastic pants, rain coats, plastic sheets or these plastic inflatable sheets and sleeping bags etc, anything plastic for fetish,

now i will admit i have been into in fetish as you call it for a while. and plastic pants

i only started really for the fun of plastic pants and even little beach beds or air beds for about 10 years,
nappies i started getting into I was 25,

I also own a PVC Adult Romper which I got from Cosy 'n' Dry which is a sissy store.

 a gallery which I have added, but you can also see more at the members groups site aswell..